Saturday, September 10, 2011

Willow Tree Nativity Gift

A few of the women at church are planning a wedding shower/reception for some friends who are getting married and joining two sweet, sweet families that both include children.  When deciding what to tell people they might like for gifts, we all individually reached the same conclusion - the Willow Tree Nativity set. 
 Willow Tree Nativity Set 

When our Christian Educator took a new job in sunny Florida, she and her husband were given this same gift, and it was beautiful! 
 Willow Tree The Three Wisemen 

I am looking forward to this wedding and shower, but I am also just giddy thinking about receiving this nativity in the mail soon and displaying it at the reception for the sweet new family of five to enjoy for years to come. 
Willow Tree Shepherd and Stable Animals 

I think this is just the perfect gift from their church family to bless their newly joined family.

Willow Tree Metal Star Backdrop, Nativity Set, 26007

Willow Tree Angel of Prayer, Susan Lordi 26012

Willow Tree Ox and Goat Nativity Figurine Set

I can't wait!!

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