Monday, September 19, 2011

My Top Ten - September 19, 2011

 First, a recap of last week's goals (50% isn't great!):
  • Run 30 minutes - {done!}
  • Weigh in for Biggest Loser Challenge - {half pound lost!}
  • Two water only days on Monday and Thursday - {try again this week!}
  • Celebrate Daddy's birthday on Friday night - {dinner and a movie!}
  • Two nights of walking partners with Finley - {didn't start this}
  • Create a blessing bag- {didn't get around to this, either}
  • Send 10 personal emails to students' parents - {only sent two}
  • Go through evaluation documents - {done!}
  • Get all picture albums updated - {will try again this week!}
  • Stick to weekly cleaning schedule - {a little!}

 And, now on to this week's TOP TEN:

  • Run 40 minutes
  • Weigh-in for Biggest Loser
  • Start a positive attitude jar with Finley
  • Complete the dogs Preschool pack with Finley
  • Eat dinner together at home two school nights
  • Leave every day ready for tomorrow
  • Attend the Baylor/McCallie festivities
  • Get all photos organized in albums
  • Hang Finley's art in frames
  • Forbes' birth pictures on wall

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