Monday, September 5, 2011

My Top Top - September 5, 2011

OK - not the most productive week, but let's recap Last Week's Top Ten...

  • Run 60 minutes. - more like 30, oh's to next week!
  • Drink no more than one coke per day. - definitely not...but, again, let's try next week!
  • Plan and delegate wedding shower. - planned, but not delegated yet
  • Locate a copy of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe - still no, but closer!
  • Eat at home together at least three nights - together, yes, but at home, I think only once.
  • Friday movie and ice cream night - yay!  we watched Clash of the Titans per Finley's request, and she LOVED it!
  • Outline next week's lesson plans before leaving for the weekend. - not so much!
  • Send in all evaluation materials. - DONE and on time!!
  • Fold and put away all the laundry - the mound is not yet gone, but at least it is all clean!
  • Go to bed with an empty sink every night - most definitely not, but I'm working on it!
Now, let's move on to This Week's Top Ten
  • Run 30 minutes
  • Weigh-in for Biggest Loser
  • Drink no more than one coke per day
  • make baby food pears, squash, and green beans
  • print and complete one preschool pack with Finley
  • family movie and ice cream night on Friday
  • outline next week's plan before leaving on Friday
  • take "before" pictures of the kitchen half bathroom
  • make morning and afternoon/evening routine charts for kids
  • eat at home together Monday, Tuesday, and Friday

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