Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I went to the pediatrician last week armed with my list of questions.  The top of my list was about the type of formula my little one would start drinking when I go back to school and my freezer is empty of free mommy milk.  I received quite a bit of formula from a friend whose baby has moved on to real milk, but I was worried about its low lactose level.  So, my first question to the pediatrician was about this formula, and her response?  Use anything that the baby tolerates and you can get for free.  Not what I was expecting her to say!  So, I found this site that is full of free samples for baby - no matter what stage your baby is in.  Check it out!

They have free magazines - American Baby and Baby Talk - I LOVE getting these in the mail, especially knowing I haven't paid a dime for them.

You can also sign up for Huggies and Pampers clubs, which will get you lots of great coupons.

And, of course, you can join the enfamil, gerber, and similac groups to get those infamous formula checks and other great savings!

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