Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Fun in a Jar

I am a planner, but I also crave spontaneity, so summer time is a challenge for me because I want to have structure in our days, but I also have a million fun things I want us to do. So, one way I will be going about incorporating planned spontaneity is using a "Summer Fun" jar for Finley to pick an activity from each day.  I control what goes in the jar, but I have to make whatever she picks happen each day, no matter what our other plans are. 

Should be interesting!

Here is how I made our Summer Fun jar:

1. Get a pint-sized jar with lid (I got mine from Walmart for about fifty cents a piece...they came in a set of twelve, but I have big plans for the others!).

2. Decorate the outside of the jar.  I attached a strip of scrapbook paper and then a matching "Summer Fun" label using photo squares.

3. To make the lid, I used a piece of scrap fabric I already had.  I first hot glued the lid insert to the fabric.

4. Then I put a strip of hot glue on the inside of the lid and pressed the fabric covered side of the insert down into the lid.

5.  I next added a strip of coordinating ribbon around the edge with hot glue.

6. I also added a little ric rac to the top edge, again using hot glue.

7. Lastly, I cut the fabric using pinking shears.

8. I cut scrapbook paper into strips and hand wrote all the activities.  You could easily print these as well.

9.  I then folded them all up and stuffed them into the jar.

10.  Monday morning I gave Finley her jar and explained the process to her (one a day, not necessarily immediately, etc - she is only four, after all!).  Here she is on Day 1 - Go to the library.  I think it was a success!

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