Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sock Monkey Labels

I am forever running out the door to a birthday party with a gift and no tag...which is fine when the birthday child opens their gift in front of everyone, but the trend is becoming more and more along the lines of opening gifts after the party, leaving the birthday guests more time to enjoy the festivities.  This means that we end of giving a number of gifts with a very stylish handwritten note on the front of the bag! 

To solve this problem, I whipped up some personalized stickers for my little guy.  I just put his name on them, so they can also be used to label his books and other things.  Win, win!!

If you like these monkey stickers and want some for yourself, come visit my etsy shop!

Another fun place to look for personalized stickers, stationery, bag tags, party invites, and more is over at My Letter Design.

Have fun personalizing!

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