Monday, August 8, 2011

Printable Coupons

So, are you one of those extreme couponers like the people on tv? Watching that show makes me really wonder about the hoarding tendencies of some people, admire the giving spirit of others, and then sometimes wish I was more thrifty. However, I just can't get a good stash of coupons going, and printing from a hundred different sources everyday is just too time consuming. But, I do like to save money on the things I am going to buy anyway.  So, my go-to coupon sources are as follows:

1. Target

I visit Target's coupon section about once a week or every other week.  They have some great coupons that when combined with things on clearance can lead to some really good deals.  In addition, if you have manufacturers coupons for items, you can combine them with the Target coupons for additional savings.


I like this website best for printing coupons because of the quantity, variety, and relevancy.  They always have great cereal, yogurt, and snack coupons, and they get high dollar diaper coupons, as well.  I try to visit this site once a week as they get new coupons and reset others.

3. Sunday Paper Inserts

I buy the Sunday paper at Walmart and save 33% on the price of the paper.  Usually this is where I find the healthcare and beauty coupons.  I also sometimes steal my mom's from her paper because she doesn't use very many.  So, if there is an especially good deal, I will snag hers also.

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