Monday, August 8, 2011

Cloth Diapering for the Working Mom, the Beginning

I considered cloth diapering my second child before he was born, but truthfully, once I started looking into it, I was just too overwhelmed with the options and supplies.  Therefore, cloth diapering fell to the wayside before he was even born.  About once a month or so after he was born I would revisit the idea, again becoming overwhelmed each time.  Fast forward to baby boy turning four months old and mama getting ready to start teaching again.  My sister-in-law casually mentions she's been cloth diapering my niece and nephew at night...I ask a million questions, go home, and again am overwhelmed with all the choices.  This time, though, I am determined, and with a promotion from, I go for it and place my first order of gdiapers.  Being the cheapskate I am, I then scoured ebay and the gdiapers resale forum for deals on more.

I ended up with 7 medium gdiapers, 11 cloth inserts, and 8 plastic snap-in liners.  I put the first one on baby Forbes, and I was hooked within seconds.  Love them.  Seriously love them.  No leaks during the first day...even though I really didn't know what I was doing.  And, Daddy even changed one!

(pic taken by the sweet four year old)

Now the only problem is that in about two weeks I go back to work...great timing to start cloth diapering, huh?  We will have to see how daycare feels about these things!

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